Volunteer at FarmFest

Volunteer at FarmFest!

We are getting so excited for the 2nd Annual FarmFest. As you can see on the ticker above the countdown is on and we are gearing up for an excellent event. There are so many activities to be part of and explore and we know this event will not be a success without the help of many hands.

We are already so grateful to the wonderful volunteers that came to our sewing party to prep flags to create a festive ambience at the Grange Fairgrounds and to the many people that are out there talking about FarmFest and creating a buzz about the event.

If you are looking to participate in a bit more of the buzz there is nothing like being part of the event itself by lending a hand and giving a few hours to check water stations, direct parking, check in on vendors, or help with pre-event setup. Also this year we are hosting a 5K the morning of August 3rd and could always use some extra folks out on the course to direct runners.

We would love to have your hands on deck for this event. Our sign up can be found here: http://farmfest.wpengine.com/volunteer/ and feel free to contact Willa at farmfest@paorganic.org or call 814-422-0251 if you have any questions.

We are anticipating another fun pre-event on June 20th (6-8 at the Old Gregg) to paint signs for the 5K and string flags. Hope to see you there!