Vendor Policies

To make FarmFest a fun and safe place for children, families and our community, please abide by the below policies. Attendees that display behavior not in accordance with these policies may be asked to leave.

Below are the Vendor Policies in place for FarmFest.

  • PCO will have full authority over allocation of space.
  • Vendors are responsible for keeping the space in and around their exhibits, including unused space, clean and free of debris.
  • Food Vendors must meet all health regulations and food licensing requirements.
  • Cancellation and refund policy:
    – June 13, 2018: Cancellations made prior to said date would receive a refund minus a $15 processing fee.
    – June 14-21, 2018: A cancellation between these dates would result in a 50% refund.
    – June 22, 2018: Any cancellations made after said date are non-refundable.

PCO, festival sponsors, and the Grange Fair Grounds are not liable for loss, damage, or theft to exhibits or concessions. PCO suggests that exhibitors take valuable items with them, or otherwise ensure their safety, when they are not in attendance at their exhibits.

By accepting the booth space, the exhibitor releases PCO and its affiliates from all liabilities for damage, injury, or loss to persons or goods for any cause whatsoever. Each exhibitor will be solely responsible for the exhibit area leased to him or her, and neither PCO nor the facility owners will assume responsibility for any injuries that might occur.

100% of the items sold at Homemade & Homegrown Market & Food Court must be grown, prepared or produced by the vendor. Crafts may be sold, but only those hand-made by the vendor.

  • Constrain your use of packaging and service ware for the food items you provide. Simplifying the waste stream is essential for making recycling and composting easy for the event attendees.
  • Recycle all recyclable materials that you use in your booth, including packaging and any clean and dry containers.
  • Compost acceptable compostable materials that you produce in your booth, including packaging and any clean and dry containers.
  • Pack it In, Pack it Out: If you generate trash, take it with you.
  • Packaging¬†not¬†allowed for your food products or samples:
    • Styrofoam, foil, saran wrap, plastic utensils, individual condiment packages, plastic sample cups, plastic straws
    • Provide your food products in recyclable or compostable packaging and containers, for example:
      • Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, wax paper, uncoated paper plates, paper napkins, compostable utensils, paper bags, paper or compostable clamshells, large condiment dispenser, uncoated paper bowls, paper coffee cups
      • Bottled water may not be offered for sale